7 Tips To Get Beautiful AND Affordable Flowers For Your Wedding

Can you imagine a wedding without beautiful flowers? It is hard right? Some people think that they need to break the bank just to have beautiful flowers in their weddings. But the truth is, you can have gorgeous blooms in your big day without spending a lot. Here are 7 tips to get beautiful flowers on your wedding day without breaking the bank


This simply means getting the most from the flowers that you will be using. There really is no sense in getting separate flowers for the ceremony and the reception especially if the flowers you are using are gorgeous and you know would look good for a long time. Think of ways you can repurpose the flowers to be used in the ceremony for the reception.

The larger, the better
If you are strapped for cash, then you should consider getting large flowers over small ones. They may be more expensive but the good thing about large blooms is that you only need a few to complete an arrangement. Therefore, they actually save you more money. Consider getting hydrangeas or peonies.

Use accents
Yes, flowers can be expensive but who says you can only use flowers in a flower arrangement. You can save money by using non-floral accents such as lanterns, risers and even candles. You can also compensate the lack of flowers by using cylinders or vases of different heights. It is all about using ones imagination.

Sometimes, one is enough
Instead of using many different kinds of flowers in an arrangement, you can try using a single bloom. Sometimes, a single beautiful flower is enough and can make a stronger statement than a bunch of so-so blooms. Sample of flowers that you can display on its own are anemones, peonies and dahlias.

Defy tradition
You don’t have to stick to the traditional way of arranging flowers. If you have a florist then what you can do is to challenge him or her by setting a budget and conveying to her the look that you want. If you are making your own flower arrangements, then try to think out of the box and look for inspiration away from the usual sources.

Choose blooms that are in season
There is one basic trick to saving up on flowers for a wedding and that is to choose flowers that are in season. If flowers are in season then it means that they are in abundance which translate to lower prices. If your heart is really set on a particular flower then try to schedule your wedding at around the same time that it will be in bloom.

Hire a pro
Some people think that they can save on flower arrangement by doing it themselves. But the truth is, you can save more money if you will hire a pro. A pro knows the best sources of affordable flowers. Plus you can save yourself from a lot of stress.

Wedding Florist 101: How to Choose the Best Floral Arrangements?

Preparing for a wedding is a demanding, time-consuming process that requires you to be considerate towards many important aspects, including not only the wedding invitations, photography, decorations and venue, but also the wedding florist. Whether we talk about your bouquet, the bridesmaids’ bouquets or decorations, flowers are an important part of every wedding, enhancing the attire of your special event and making everything have a nice feel. If you are unsure regarding the best floral arrangements to make at your wedding, here are some tips and tricks provided by the lovely Bend Oregon Florists over at that will help you make the right choices .

Go for Season Flowers
As attractive as they might be, peonies bloom in later spring or early summer, which means that you will have to pay a lot more if your wedding takes place, let’s say, in September. Therefore, it is better to go for season flowers instead, which are largely spread across your area and even across the country, such as carnations, roses and gerbera daisies, which are less costly, and very beautiful at the same time. A good tip? Do not plan your wedding in February, when there are only a couple of flowers blossoming, as you will have to spend bigger amounts of money.

Use Expensive Flowers Sparingly
One of the most common mistakes you might be making when it comes to creating wonderful flower arrangements for your wedding is using expensive flowers when you really should not. Having a centerpiece filled with dahlias or peonies can be tempting, but incredibly pricey, which is why you should opt for only one big bloom per arrangement, filling the rest with cheaper flowers, such as carnations. Moreover, you should also consider having only one or two expensive flowers in your wedding bouquet, and include colorful roses, daisies and other small flowers to make it more appealing.

Opt for Simple Arrangements
When preparing your wedding, you might be likely to choose complex flower arrangements, such as garlands of flowers, intricate centerpieces and super-structured bouquets of flowers, but have you thought about the price? These arrangements are difficult to make and can take a lot of time to wrangle, which means that your wedding florist will be charging you more money. Keep everything simple – smaller bouquets are just as attractive and can really enhance your wedding, particularly if you make sure to opt for good flowers.

Add More Buds
If you want to save some money on your wedding bouquet and arrangements, a good and very cheap option you have is including more buds in the mix. They are tiny, delicate, attractive and can make your arrangements look much better. If you buy them early enough, you might be a witness to their blossoming – and that would be surreal if it happened on the celebration day, right? Talk to your wedding florist about this, and ask him to include buds to the bouquets and arrangements in a way that will make them stand out. Besides the lower price that you will have to pay, you will also get better-looking decorations for you and your guests.

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